Exceptional I.T • Powerful Results

Radiature helps our clients in business and government harness the power of technology to make them successful and competitive. Our people create and improve solutions that boost efficiency, capability, and productivity. Our solutions are designed to meet your specific challenges using fast, safe, and reliable technology and are offered with the ultimate flexibility as hourly and fixed-cost project-based services.

Our people have technology experience in health, manufacturing, non-profit, government, commercial, education, public safety, conservation, legal, natural resources, insurance, and other industries. IT specialists on demand, software development lifecycle, reporting solutions, project management, database management, integration of platforms, legacy technology management – whatever your needs, Radiature is committed to providing the right technology talent and solutions for you.

Radiature is proud to be a women-owned business enterprise.


In 2012 Rebecca Oesterly launched Radiature. It started when Rebecca realized she could put her passion for problem-solving together with her husband David’s extensive business technology background to solve big-picture problems for clients.

Rebecca draws on her extensive experience in project management, analysis, and quality assurance testing to guide Radiature’s information consulting. Before joining Radiature, David’s 25-plus year career in I.T. management and consulting included building a successful computer sales and service company, design and development of internationally marketed commercial software, and leadership roles in numerous development projects.

It’s these diverse experiences and skills that lead Radiature to stand out.

Our Mission

Radiature’s mission is to create Exceptional I.T. solutions that provide Powerful Results for our clients.

Our Values

Teamwork is in the DNA of everything we do. It is the basis for our business model. We believe in working together with you, to achieve a common purpose. Our approach lets us understand your business and make sound recommendations. Couple this with our team’s knowledge and experience and you receive exceptional Information Technology solutions. We deliver consistent, reliable results.

Communication and transparency are the fundamental building blocks of effective problem-solving. The open exchange of ideas produces a deeper understanding of your goals, leading to solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations.

We want to learn about your Information Technology challenges and demonstrate how Radiature’s customized solutions are an effective and smart choice.