One of our key differentiators is the collaborative relationship that we establish with you. We work hard to communicate effectively and to be transparent as we solve your problems. Our approach lets us connect with and understand your business, giving you maximum value and return from our services.

We are proud to deliver superior technology solutions to you. Our knowledge and experience, applied using our proven methodology, benefits you with consistent, reliable solutions to your unique challenges.

Custom Software

We engineer software exactly for your purpose, specifically for you. We work with you to clearly understand your objectives and define your goals so the software does what you need for it to do – work reliably, efficiently, and quickly. From analysis and design to development and testing to implementation and support, we have successfully completed large and small projects. We have the experience to guide your project from beginning to end to produce the results that you expect.

Talk with us about: Desktop apps, Web apps, Database apps, Mobile apps, and updating and maintaining your existing software.

Support Agreements

Our custom software projects have a post-implementation warranty period built in for fixing problems that come up after all the work is completed. The warranty period generally covers issues with work performed under the original scope and design. Our support agreements offer even more assurance that, after the warranty period is over, your custom software will continue to work the way that you need for it to. In many cases, we can also provide support agreements on custom software created by others.

Reporting Solutions

Reporting solutions provide a cost-effective, convenient, and consistent method for users to get information that they need. Reports can be delivered from a reporting server, integrated and delivered from within an application, or in any number of other ways. And report output is not limited to just paper; output can be produced as PDF’s, Excel spreadsheets, HTML, JPEG’s, and an endless list of other formats. We work with you to create easy to read, easy to use reports that deliver accurate information to the right person exactly when they need it.

Database Management

We proactively work to find the best way to store and retrieve data, ensure data integrity and security, and continually improve the performance of your databases. We can do this and more to give your databases, and the applications that use them, a performance boost.

Data Conversion / ETL

Data conversion and ETL (extract, transform, and load) is the process of moving data from one format to another, one location to another, or both. Your data can be stored in multiple formats in multiple systems making it difficult for you to realize the full benefit from that data. Our knowledge and experience guides us to develop a data conversion plan to extract data from various locations and formats and transform it to a consistent and usable format, allowing you to gain the full benefit from your data.

Data Warehousing

Data warehouses and data marts are special kinds of databases designed to organize data in a way to make it easy and fast to read and analyze data. A data warehouse can contain data from multiple source databases and is generally organized to make reporting tools and other analysis tools, like Excel, much easier and more effective to use. Let us show you how a data warehouse can work to your advantage.

Business and System Analysis

Identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. Generally, business analysis will examine where you are now, where you want or need to be, and then provide a plan or solution to get from Point A to Point B. We will effectively analyze your current system and work with you to determine what your future system should look like and the quickest most effective way to get there.

Legacy Systems Renewal

Revitalize your existing systems or applications by transitioning them into new technology. We have successfully completed numerous legacy renewal projects including converting desktop applications into web-based solutions and combining several old business applications into one state-of-the-art business solution. Our knowledge and experience has taught us what traps to watch out for and how to approach your project to ensure success.

System Integration

System integration is the process of physically or functionally linking together different systems and applications to act as a seamless, coordinated unit. Even small integration efforts increase your productivity and reduce your labor and operating costs. We will effectively analyze your current systems and to offer you an approach to system integration that will benefit you.

Project Management/Oversight

We employ project management and oversight (PMO) to monitor and guide business technology projects. PMO allows us to keep your project on schedule and on budget, and to provide you with the functionality and benefits that you expect. We efficiently perform project management and oversight, ensuring that your project is completed the right way and as promised.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is the ability to collect, organize, and analyze data. We will help you to utilize this data to identify and develop opportunities and to gain a competitive market advantage and long-term stability. We will work with you to take advantage of the data that you already have and show you areas where additional data gathering and intelligence is possible.

Staff Augmentation

Sometimes you just need some extra help. You don’t want to hire a full-time resource but there’s a new project or some overflow work that you could just use a hand with. Or maybe you do need a new full-time employee. Talk with us about what you needs are and finding the right person to fit.